Why Should I Use Divi?

Published on September 26, 2017
It’s no secret that Divi is one of the most popular WordPress themes in the world. It’s popular among beginners and professionals alike. As WordPress users and professionals it’s the theme we recommend the most. In this article we want to show why we recommend it and what makes it the theme of choice among so many WordPress users. We’ll take a close look at the features of Divi and answer the question, Why should I use Divi?
Divi Features

All Purpose Theme

Divi is an all-purpose theme that’s virtually unlimited in the types of websites it can build. Here’s a look at some of its most prominent features.

Drag and Drop Builder

The key feature of Divi is its drag and drop builder. Building layouts is easy and fast, making it ideal to create mockups and wireframes, prototyping a design, and creating the website itself. Build from the frontend or backend. The builder is intuitive. It’s easy to learn and can be used by non-developers to create amazing websites. Developers can customize it with code.


Tons of modules are included to add features such as Google Maps, contact forms, blurbs, countdown timers, sliders, toggle, portfolio, gallery, pricing tables, call to action, buttons, person, shop, social follow, tabs, and lots more. The modules can be customized with standard settings or enhanced with CSS.


Divi includes lots of premade layouts to help you get started. Layouts include blogs, shops, homepages, landing pages, splash page, about pages, maintenance, coming soon, project, portfolio, contact, case studies, creative agency, product features, and more. You can also create your own layouts and upload layouts that others have created.

Theme Customizer

Customize the site’s options and styles including typography, headers, footers, backgrounds, buttons, blog posts, mobile styles, layout, etc. Perform hundreds of intuitive customizations and see the results in real time. View your site as desktop, tablet, or phone.

Divi Split Testing

Split Testing

Perform a/b tests to improve your site’s conversions. See stats on each test to help you choose the best design. This is great for calls to action, sign up forms, or anything you want readers to click on.

Role System

Divi’s Role System gives you complete control over who has access to what in the Divi Builder. This is great for protecting your sharp design from anyone with access to the backend.


Divi includes three widgets: About Me, Adsense, and Advertisement. The advertisement widget is especially useful as it simplifies adding images and links, and gives you options to use relative image paths and open ads in a new window. Add new widget areas with the creation tool and then choose these areas within the Divi Builder for any page or post.


Divi’s been translated into over 30 languages. This includes the Divi Builder, front-end elements, interface, form fields, descriptions, and it even includes RTL (right-to-left). When you choose an RTL language the Divi Builder moves all of the buttons to the right side to match.eep getting better because they’re always expanding with new features and making improvements.

Coastal Divi Child Theme

Child Themes and Layouts

There are lots of professionally designed child themes available for Divi. Child themes provide the look, feel, and features you need for a custom website without having to create it yourself. They’re available in practically any field for any purpose including consulting, restaurants, photography, health, education, eCommerce, and lots more. Child themes can be customized just like Divi and some even provide new customizations.

Mhmm Mighty Header & Menu Maker Divi Plugin


Expand Divi even further through plugins that were made specifically for it by the Divi community. Plugins can give Divi new features or enhance existing features. There are lots of plugins available for Divi.


There are lots of websites with detailed tutorials and articles about Divi, and lots of Facebook groups devoted to Divi with plenty of users willing to help. Divi has one of the most dedicated communities in WordPress.


When you purchase an Elegant Themes membership you get access to everything they have including Divi, Extra, Bloom, Monarch, the Divi Builder plugin, all of their WordPress themes, premium support, and updates. Each has unlimited usage. The Divi-based products keep getting better because they’re always expanding with new features and making improvements.


Why Should I Use Divi?

There aren’t a lot of themes that offer as many features as Divi. Through the wide range of customizations Divi can build practically any type of website. Any features you want that are not included can be added. The intuitive builder is ideal for both beginners and professionals. Divi is a great choice whether you’re building a blog, an Ecommerce platform, school, or anything else you need.


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