Divi Membership

frequently asked questions.

What's the difference between Monthly & Yearly Pricing?

Monthly Pricing is $25 billed monthly.

With Monthly Pricing, you pay $25 per month.  This plan is month-to-month.  You can cancel at any time and will not be billed for any future months upon cancellation.

Yearly Pricing is $180 billed yearly.

We offer a 40% discount to Superflyers who pay for their Membership on a Yearly basis ($15 per month).

We are unable to offer any partial refunds for either the Monthly or Yearly Membership plan.

Are all of your products included for FREE in the Membership?
No. Only the products in our Superflyer Library and the Fresh Files released that month are FREE.

For example, in June of 2017 we released the following Fresh Files:

  • Construction Project Pack
  • Cavalier Layout
  • Inspect Element Tutorial

These products were FREE for our Superflyer Members only during the month of June 2017.  After June, they were placed in our store for sale to everyone.

If you were a member in June 2017, you would have been able to download these items for FREE.  After June 2017, you would need to purchase these items in the Store.  That’s where the 25% off all our products for Members comes in handy!  =)

What is the Superflyer Community?

The Superflyer Community is a private Facebook Group full of Superflyers. It’s not necessarily a place for support (We have an awesome Support Team for that!), but more a place where we can showcase our work … ask questions on design, development, and business building … possibly foster referrals … support and encourage each other … and cheer each other on through our successes & failures.

Like you, we’re entrepreneurs. We know the struggle. We know the hustle. We want you to succeed!

What license do I get with my Membership?
Being a Superflyer allows you to download any items from the Superflyer Library, as well as the Fresh Files of the Month for FREE. As a member, you can choose ANY license you wish to use on Monthly Fresh Files… yes, either Hobbyist or Hardcore! For general store items, you also get 25% off either license.
If I cancel, do I lose my items?

No. If you cancel, your items will continue working. However, future updates of the products downloaded will need to be paid-updates.