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Divi Sticky Video is fully compatible with Divi’s Visual Builder and adds advanced technology to your site, just like Facebook, CNN, Yahoo! and YouTube. These major websites and many others are utilizing Sticky Video functionality on their platforms to retain website visitors — now you can use it too! With Divi Sticky Video, your visitors no longer have to choose which content they will engage with as they scroll through your website the video will follow them, keeping them on your website longer.

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Comes with an unlimited use license! Purchase once, use on as many sites as you’d like.

2 reviews for Divi Sticky Video

  1. Josh (verified owner)

    This is one sweet, slick, handy little plugin! I’m using it on my maintenance plan page (https://intransitstudios.com/website-security-maintenance-plan/) and my SEO page (https://intransitstudios.com/seo) where I have video explainers along with full landing pages of text. I was looking for a way to have the video follow the user so they can keep watching while also seeing the text, graphics and additional information but did not feel like figuring out how to code that with CSS or PHP.

    Luckily, this Sticky Video plugin came just in time! It’s lightweight, very user friendly, visual builder compatible and works perfectly right out of the box. I would recommend this to anyone who has videos on their site and who want increase customer engagement. This is an awesome addition to my MUST HAVE Divi plugin toolbox!

  2. licjuliocibrian (verified owner)

    I totally love this plugins! I wished you added an X mark to return the video to it’s default place in case the user doesn’t want the video to follow… is it even possible?

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