css for divi.


Hey there, Divi Designer! 

Are you wanting to go beyond the design controls Divi gives you? Are you wondering how to create that certain feature you saw on another website? Are you wanting to design more confidently with Divi?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, I’m here to tell you “It’s time.”

It’s time for you to venture a bit into the developer world and learn CSS. Sound scary? It can be … especially on your own.

That’s where I come in. I’m here to guide you and teach you the CSS you need to know to take your Divi sites to the next level.

CSS for Divi



Get it for as little as $29.00 – Find out how

We all have come across sites we know right away is a Divi site. Maybe the header gives it away, perhaps hovering over the buttons, or the back to top feature is the dead giveaway … whatever it is, we’ve all seen the hints. I’ve often seen the question asked by other Divi designers: “How do I make my Divi site look less like Divi?”

This is where CSS comes in.

CSS gives you the ability to tweak your site beyond the controls Divi gives you. CSS allows us to add effects & interaction where Divi is currently unable to achieve.

If you’re wanting to take your Divi sites to the next level … this course is for you.

“I can’t believe how much content and detail you go into for the cost of the course and your teaching style really aids learning with no stone left unturned.

The projects are really helping me to take what can be done with Divi out of the box and add unique styling.

I knew some very basic troubleshooting of CSS before I started your course but now I’m really starting to understand how CSS works and how it all hangs together.”

– Spencer

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