Master List of Free Stuff for Divi Websites from Around the Web


Everyone knows there’s no free lunch (or double espresso), which is why we bust our butts as freelancers, designers and developers to create awesome Divi websites for our clients… so we can pay the bills, cover our lunch, and yes, splurge on the occasional double cortado with soy milk. I digress.

For Divi designers, finding awesome free Divi layouts and free WordPress plugins is about as exciting as scoring a window seat at the coffee shop with a plugin closeby or lucking out with a great parking spot. 

When you’re building a website for a client, lowering your own overhead—whether it’s extra time or money spent—will significantly increase your bottom line per project. There are tons of resources out there for free stock photos, so we sought out to find specifically the best Divi freebies across the web.

Without further adieu, here’s our master list of free stuff for Divi designers.

Free Modern Single-Page Divi Layout

Elegant Themes has a lot of free stuff for Divi websites, not the least of which is their free single-page layout for an awesome modern look. Out of the box, it includes three homepage designs, clean typefaces and more. This is a great starting point for any new client project. These three layouts are a great example of how to use Divi’s plethora of builder functionalities.

Divimaster Project Pack and Free Layout

The Divimaster Project Pack and Layout is a great option for a course-style layout. It comes complete with a single-page layout, Photoshop wireframe, proposal template and project timeline. In addition, it features custom gradients for buttons and backgrounds and even a clean typeface.

Free Divi Blurb Cards

These blurb cards from Yates Design use the Divi Builder’s Blub Module for the card and the Button Module to create a link on the entire card. The free blurb cards even have some subtle animations to add to the experience. This freebie is a great way to switch up your blurb sections when featuring products, services or even blog posts.

Free Divi Layouts Plugin

If you love free Divi layouts, you’re going to love this plugin. It’s basically the Holy Grail, because all you have to do is install it and you get access to tons of Divi layouts and freebies from Divi Den’s massive library of Divi layouts. You can sections, modules and complete UI Kit Bundles in addition to the free layouts, which we think is pretty awesome.

Free Divi Contact Pages

Contact pages are usually one of the most important pages of your site, and all too often, they’re not up to snuff. Getting people to reach out about the products and services listed on a website is half the battle, don’t make them do the work when filling out a form to get to you. Luckily, Elegant Themes has a whole pack of free contact pages to spruce up any average contact page.

Free Beacon Divi Layout

Beacon is awesome because it cuts through the clutter of everyone claiming their Divi layout is the best one. This particular freebie is all about landing pages, and not only is it a layout, but it’s also a full-on tutorial to help you create your own landing pages from scratch. Consider this the Divi version of teaching someone to fish over feeding them with a free fish. There’s over four hours of tutorial videos, files included and everything you need to start making awesome landing pages.

Free Fitness Layouts

Are you a fitness studio looking to create a stellar website? Or did you just land a new client with a fitness company? We’ve got just the thing for you. Divi Theme Examples has a library of not one, but six free Divi layouts specifically for fitness websites. Just download them to your library and you’ll be back to pull-ups and downward dogs in no time.


J.E.D.I. is short for Jerry’s Easy Demo Import. In short, it’s a super easy way to export your Divi website as a layout kit plugin or child theme. In one click, you can package up your site’s demo data and ship it off to whoever might need it.

Here are the steps (taken straight from the developer)

STEP #1: Build a beautifully designed demo website with Divi
STEP #2: Install the JEDI Master plugin
STEP #3: Configure Your Export Options
STEP #4: Click the Export Button

Photography Layout

A beautiful website is priority number two for photographers (right behind taking beautiful photos). What better place to show off your work then on the Worldwide Web? This free website layout is an extremely picture-heavy layout with premade sections and modules created with photographers in mind. Speaking of photography, have you seen this list of free stock images for your website?

WooCommerce List View Plugin

A beautiful website is priority number two for photographers (right behind taking beautiful photos). What better place to show off your work then on the Worldwide Web? This free website layout is an extremely picture-heavy layout with premade sections and modules created with photographers in mind.

Free Divi Countdown Plugin

You might not always need a countdown module on your site, but when you do, you won’t want to build it yourself. When you start browsing the web for Divi-friendly countdown plugins, you’re bound to start getting nickel and dimed for this plugin, that extension or some “extra” design functionalities. Look no further for a free, customizable Divi countdown plugin.

Free Divi Back to Top Plugin

A lot of client sites are content-heavy, and naturally, they require a lot of scrolling. Don’t let site visitors to your site, or client sites, get lost on the page. Give them the option to head straight back to the top! The plugin extension includes several different styles of buttons, so you’re sure to find one that fits like a dream.

Free Small Business Website Layout

If you hadn’t noticed, the originators of Divi itself, Elegant Themes has tons of awesome free stuff for Divi designers. This free layout is no exception. The free small business layout pack is great for startups and small shops, complete with four custom pages. Having the ability to download and import pages, layouts, sections and modules will save business owners time and Divi developers the hassle of creating a stellar site from scratch.

Free Stuff Every Month! 

By becoming part of the flyest club in Divi-town, you’ll get new fresh and FREE files every month. This includes child themes, layouts, project packs, tutorials and more. There are more benefits to becoming a Superflyer, you also get a discount in the Superfly store, unlimited free support, and access to the Superflyer Library.

What did we miss?

This is a list of some of our favorite free stuff for Divi designers, both from us and some of our friends from around the web. What have you found that Divi developers must have? Drop it in the comments!


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