Join the Conversation: Community Forum


Remember the community forum we mentioned in this post? It’s rollin’ and we want you to join the conversation. Here are a few reasons why you should check it out.

1. Engage in Conversation

We wanted a place for customers to talk to each other about what’s working for them, how they have used our products, simple tricks, product suggestions, and much more.

When writing a new post, Community will automatically search for keywords in posts that might relate to what you are looking for. In the end this saves you time and cuts down on duplicates of the same questions.

2. Product Requests

We love this one because it helps us keep track of people’s product suggestions. We get a lot of requests for suggestions on what we can add to our products. We value each suggestion and we wanted to open up more opportunity to discuss features you want to see!

3. Vote for Features You Want

If you see a product suggestion already listed, you can add your vote to the suggestion instead of making a new post. To do this, click on the post and click the up arrow to cast your vote.


4. Follow Posts

If you see a post of particular interest to you, “follow” the post to be alerted of new updates instead of constantly checking back. You will be notified anytime someone updates or adds a response. Just click the “follow” button on the post.

Now, time to add your tips, suggestions, and votes to the forum!


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