How to Create Awesome Staff Bios and Perfect Your About Page


The About page is the second-highest trafficked page on most websites — right after the home page.

It’s a seemingly minor part of your site, but it has huge implications. The about section shows off what you’re all about, and staff bios help show that you are a real human, helps show your personality, and builds another level of rapport.

Since we’re in a digital age, potential clients will almost always meet you online before they meet you in person. Getting them familiar with you is a great way to impress potential clients and show your personality. Half of building a book of clients is creating a lasting relationship. The first step to building trust and laying the foundation of that relationship is often times your website’s About page. 

Here are our top tips for creating an about page on your website:

You’re more than a title.

When you’re not part of a large corporation, it’s best not to look like it. Keeping staff pages to a name and a title doesn’t really let your potential clients in on anything valuable and tends to build a wall between your company and the person visiting your site. Adding names and titles is obviously important, but including a short bio will help them get to know you.

Writing a compelling bio to go with your awesome staff photos will help people feel like they can really trust you and ultimately become a customer. Finding the sweet spot between brevity and long-winded is key. Using Twitter’s rule of thumb is ideal, between 140-280 characters. If you want to say more, you can always include a “learn more” link. 

Include photos

The first step in getting people familiar with you is a pretty typical tip for any aspect of website design: always add photos. Headshots are a great way to show off the team.

Keep the style, format, shape and composition of headshots streamline to keep your About page on-brand. You get to choose if you want staff to look professional or casual; wearing your company’s shirts, for example.

Pro Tip: 

To get even more engaging, adding an image rollover effect so all of the staff’s bio pictures appear the same until you scroll over the image and see a photo with more of that person’s personality. Here’s how: 

  1. Add a Text module and place the following code.
    • < img src=”IMAGE1″ onmouseover=”this.src=’IMAGE2′” onmouseout=”this.src=’IMAGE1′” />
  2. Replace “IMAGE1” and “IMAGE2” with the image URL from the media library.

Now you have rollover images on your staff bios! For more functionality, using the Image Intense plugin makes it easy.

Give it some personality

Since we’ve covered the basics of the staff bio page, its imperative to do your best not to be boring. You’re more than just a name, photo and job title, and now is your chance to prove it.

Having your staff answer a silly question or tell a little more about what they’re like outside of work brings out the human in them. Simultaneously giving info that bolsters your super-talented staff and shows their fun side will help potential customers trust your operation on a personal and professional level.


Let them connect with you

Keep in mind that most of your website visitors are skeptical and they’re looking for any reason to bounce. This will keep you on your toes when you’re building websites and writing the copy. The about page is all about creating a personal connection through a frictionless medium—meaning you’re not actually getting to shake their hands in person, but you can add personal touches to show that you’re human. Adding links to social media profiles is an invitation to who you and your staff are outside of the About page.

Next, including ways for people to actually contact you will help conversion and prove that you’re ready and willing to field any questions people may have. This could include something as transactional as a contact form or email. Adding a form can help drive conversions if you’ve nailed it on every other step. 

The About page that you include in the navigation doesn’t always have to include staff bios; sometimes they’re in separate internal pages. When you do include bios, it’s important to make them engaging. Since About pages give people a chance to meet you for the first time, it’s as if they’re getting a tour of your office—only they’re doing it via your website first. Give them an experience that builds personal trust and professional rapport. Adding photos and writing engaging bios for staff help add a personal flair and show off your personality. 

What do you love to see on About pages? Drop us a line in the comments or on Facebook.


  1. OLENA

    When someone wanna know about you, he/she will visit about page. Other people who don’t interest they will not visit about page. So keep on about page with more relevant information.


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