17 Free Resources for Beautiful Stock Photos


In website design, having an attention-grabbing aesthetic is of the utmost importance. We don’t all have access to professional photography, so including premium stock images is a must. Making sure your site is stocked full of beautiful photos is up there with keeping a user-friendly interface and simple navigation in terms of importance.

One of the best ways to keep people from bouncing off your site is by including high quality and captivating images.

With tons of resources out there, we thought it necessary to compile a master list of our favorite places to get free photos for your website.


1. Unsplash.com

Unsplash boasts over 60,000 photographers contributing to their ever-growing library of copyright-free photos. There’s no attribution required and can be searched by category, project, collection and more.

Shopify Burst

2. Burst.shopify.com

Burst was created to support bloggers, designers and developers to create stunning websites and marketing campaigns. Burst also offers resources to keep your social media images within the right dimensions.


3. Freephotos.cc

Freephotos aggregates free photo resources from around the web, including several listed here, and puts them into one place. This site also has a web app photo editor to quickly edit photos by either URL or uploading from directly from your computer.

Creative Commons

4. Ccsearch.creativecommons.org

Creative Commons offers a large selection of free photos to download, which can be filtered by size, name, and other preset collections that they have curated. This prototype is a similar tool to freephotos.cc that curates results from several open archives.


5. Stocksy.com

Stocksy has both stock photos and videos to help make your website beautiful. Results can be searched based on what platform it will be used for to ensure proper dimensions.

Negative Space

6. Negativespace.co

Negative Space offers thousands of free stock images for your website, searchable by categories including architecture, nature and travel. Photos are tagged by the uploader, and related pictures will give you even more options for similar photos when you’re looking for the perfect fit.

Startup Stock Photos

7. Startupstockphotos.com

With the apropo name of Startup Stock Photos, this limited bank of photos provides stock images with young people hard at work on their laptops, no shortage of coffee cups and the occasional city-scape.

The Stocks

8. Thestocks.im

The Stocks is an awesome website with hundreds of photos, icons, fonts, videos, mockups and more, free for use. Just be sure not to accidentally click on one of the cleverly-camouflaged ads that appear to be part of the site’s design.


9. Stockjo.com

StockJo is another site offering more than just photos. In fact, the site itself doesn’t actually have any photos to download, but it does help you find more sites with free photography. You can also find html files, audio, mockups and vector files with their searchable database of websites that have what you need.


10. Pixabay.com

Thanks to their generous community, Pixabay has over a million photos and videos shared. Just like the other sites mentioned, Pixabay is copyright-free and allows you to use their photos with total freedom.


11. Magdeleine.co/browse

Magdeleine is a well-designed website with hundreds of images, but it a bit more slim pickings as compared to other resources mentioned. However, it’s a great place to go when you can’t seem to find the perfect image because the images it does have are more unique.


12. Isorepublic.com

Isorepublic has thousands of beautiful professional-looking images with no need for color correcting or editing. Each category listed on Isorepublic has around 500 photos, giving you tons of options when choosing photos for your website.


13. Picjumbo.com

Picjumo has a more limited number of pictures, but are still high-quality and unique options. Photos searched on Picjumbo are best to be searched by generic terms like “spring” or “business,” as opposed to “bike” or “computer.”

New Old Stock

14. Nos.twnsnd.co

New Old Stock is a uniquely awesome website with thousands of vintage photos from public photo archives, free of all known copyright restrictions.


15. Picsum.photos

Picsum describes itself as the “Lorem Ipsum” of photos, meaning that when you add a photo to your website, you can use any image URL in your anchor tag. Easily edit the crop gravity, add a blur, grayscale and even randomized changing images with basic HTML.


16. Pexels.com

Pexels is extremely similar to Unsplash, and even carries tons of the same photos. Pexles sifts through a lot of the lower quality photos to provide the best free stock images in one place.


17. Gratisography.com

Gratisography provides hundreds of really unique images free of copyright restrictions. This site typically won’t have the same 10 photos you see on every staging site, unless you’re used to seeing flying whales or dogs licking ice cream cones.


The list of free stock photo resources is constantly growing and are all built to help designers, entrepreneurs and website builders create captivating work. This list of 18 includes our staff’s top picks.

What resources do you use for free stock images? Drop us a line in the comments or hit us up on Facebook.


  1. Nazreen

    Awesome compilation man! To be honest I only use Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay for free stock photos. On top of that, I have the premium Freepik account for use on my site.

    Anyways thank you for the list of recommendation. Really appreciate it.

    • OLENA

      I’m also using Pexels and Pixabay. 😀

    • Nick Small

      You got it homie! Glad this was helpful. I use Pexels and Unsplash all the time.

  2. Kevin

    Awesome post!

  3. Jason Clay

    This is a pretty useful list, thanks Jake I’ll recommend also https://imageric.com with tons of free photos, vectors and videos under CC0 licence (Public Domain).

  4. Boyd Kobe

    Awesome!! great to know there are some good alternatives out there. will try out some of these stock photos.
    Thanks for sharing.


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