Examples of BeSuperfly Themes in the Wild

BeSuperfly has some of the most popular high-quality child themes available for Divi, and they can be found across the web in many genres. In this article we’ll look at several examples of BeSuperfly themes in use.

We’ll look at 11 examples of the JOSEFIN, ANTHEM, and ARROW child themes. The websites look great. Some have made small changes or additions and all retain the basic design of the child themes. The websites are grouped under the child theme, but are in no particular order.


JOSEFIN is a multi-purpose child theme with a focus on typography and imagery. It includes several homepages and page layouts. Here’s a look at a few websites that use JOSEFIN.

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Peter Furler

Peter Furler trims down JOSEFIN a touch, creating a combination of the various home-pages while keeping the design elements intact and using them beautifully. The shop page adds a category section where visitors can choose what they’re interested in. The site makes excellent use of photography and CTA’s (call to action).

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The Savvy Recruiter

The Savvy Recruiter follows JOSEFIN closely while adding a nice About section that displays an image and text in a 1/3 2/3 section. Services are displayed in 2 columns with animated tiles. The site makes excellent use of branded color.

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Music Missions

Music Missions uses the video header layout and adds a few slim sections to separate and introduce the various sections of the homepage, which are displayed in 2 columns. The site makes great use of branded color and section labels.

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Elations Entertainment

Elations Entertainment uses a video header and adds a few unique design elements including a full-width social button section, and a 3 column section to show services – with each service in parallax. The homepage is shortened to keep the design simple and clean.

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ANTHEM is an all-purpose theme with lots of homepages and layouts. Here’s a look at several websites made with ANTHEM.

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NuSpine Chiropractic

NuSpine Chiropractic trims down the homepage and uses a video header and makes a few minor changes to the ANTHEM design such as a 2 column layout and alternating video sections. The website makes great use of color branding and adds a CTA in the menu.

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Lincoln Eastside Fitness

Lincoln Eastside Fitness trims down the ANTHEM homepage and focuses on the team members, services, and the facilities. They’ve added a nice calendar feature and a social follow section. Blue branding is used throughout the site including the gradient for the number counter section.

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Summerland makes great use of the ANTHEM design, using elements of the homepage to great effect and highlighting them with a red-to-orange gradient throughout the website. The website makes great use of color and images.

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Theta Xi

Theta Xi gives ANTHEM an academic look with its clean design and excellent use of images with overlays, dark blue, and dark yet bold backgrounds behind the featured alumni. The site puts many of ANTHEM’s layouts to use including Overlap, which overlaps the header and next section.

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Etheric Networks

Etheric Networks uses ANTHEM’s main layout and adds a few extra touches including a grid to display services that uses elegant hover animation. The full-width CTA sections have a sharp green that’s used throughout the website. Both the primary and secondary menus include CTA’s. The site makes great use of images and color.

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Amanda Nohavec Photography

Amanda Nohavec Photography makes excellent use of ANTHEM’s Crafts layout. Although it uses different fonts, it retains the font colors which work perfectly for the photography website. It has a few added features to make it stand out, such as the image behind the menu in the overlay that matches the font’s colors. This website is an excellent example of how well ANTHEM adapts to the needs of photographers.

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ARROW was designed with tech startups in mind. It has a focus on typography and includes gradients, glows, and diagonal headers. Let’s look at an example in the wild.

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SourceOne follows ARROW’s design with a few unique elements of its own including a diagonal overlay, a grid of the various services pages with hover animation, and a horizontal timeline. It’s interesting how the logo appears on scroll. The site makes excellent use of red color branding.

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Ending Thoughts

That’s a look at 11 fine examples of BeSuperfly child themes across the net. These websites are great examples of what can be done with JOSEFIN, ANTHEM, and ARROW, and how adaptable they are to any genre or need. Find these and other professionally designed Divi Child Themes in our shop.

We want to hear from you. Which is your favorite website on this list? Let us know in the comments.

  • Yvonne
    May 19, 2022

    May I submit my site as an example of the Essenza Super Theme?


    • Nathan Duvall
      May 24, 2022

      Beautiful! Thank you, Yvonne! 🙂


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