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Without a doubt, WordPress is the most widely-used website builder platform in the world. If you use WordPress to build websites for your clients, then you know how easy it is to assemble a fully-functional site with lots of bells and whistles. But function’s only half of it.

To really drive successful conversions, a website should also look great, be simple to navigate, and have relevance to what you’re trying to say. That’s where Divi comes in.

Divi is a pre-built website layout with fully-functional design features such as color palettes, graphics, and typography. Divi is easy to download and install on top of your WordPress site, and includes user-friendly customization options that let you add plug-ins, move page elements around, change color selections, and do pretty much anything else you want.

Divi’s versatility in helping you manage the design elements of a website is why it’s one of the most popular WordPress themes on the market, with over 700,000 customers worldwide.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an established developer or a newbie learning the ropes—Divi can save you a ton of time and effort in skinning your site with an awesome-looking design tailored to whatever you want the site to do (blog, ecommerce, hobby, etc.)

It’s not just a theme…it’s a visual platform!

Divi started as a standard WordPress design template from Elegant Themes, but then they decided to add a bunch of customization options and ended up creating the world’s first customizable WordPress page builder. They realized they had something that could benefit developers everywhere, so Divi the website builder platform was born.

Divi offers hundreds of different layouts, with modular features for various page elements and back-end settings that allow deep levels of customization. You can modify any layout and design elements without having to code anything, or install and configure a bunch of plug-ins.

What makes Divi so revolutionary?

Simplicity, mostly

Divi eliminates the tedious work of traditional web development and design. Its drag-and-drop functionality makes changing elements of the site design quick and easy, without having to use a back-end manager.

Divi lets you work through your design’s entire edit history, as well, enabling you to undo changes if you make a mistake or don’t like the result. You can quickly get everything on the page looking (and loading) right, and integrating properly with the underlying WordPress website—all in real-time.

Regardless of your approach to web development, Divi is designed to help you.

If you’re a freelancer or smaller dev shop, Divi makes building websites fast and simple. And because it’s a single platform, it’s way easier to manage than a whole bunch of different theme templates.

Divi offers the same benefits if you’re part of a creative agency, and easily integrates into your design and production processes. Divi’s impressive tools improve collaboration and allows your team to create a limitless number of site designs for a single subscription fee.

If you’re just getting started with web development, or you want to design your own website, Divi themes give you a ton of pre-built design options without being difficult to learn and master. If you understand the basics and know how to use a text editor, there’s not much you can’t do right out of the gate.

As a WordPress theme, Divi is one of the most versatile and popular on the market because it can build pretty much any type of website you can imagine. Every element of the page is editable, so you can create an infinite number of “child-themes” you can tweak to your heart’s content.

Wait…Divi has children?

Sort of…lots of them, actually.

Divi is just a big WordPress theme—a “parent” theme—but because it has so many visual drag-and-drop features, it also functions as a page builder.

Divi allows you to create a copy, or layer, that resides on top of the parent theme, allowing you to add or change styling and functionality as needed. Any changes you make apply only to the copy, leaving the original version of Divi intact and ensuring that your customizations are not lost whenever the core Divi theme is updated periodically.

Your new design is a unique “child” theme that you can modify any way you please, and then save and apply to other pages as well. Child themes give you a great starting point for your website’s design, and make the customization process much faster and easier (and more cost-effective for your web development business).

Why would I need a child theme?

Because Divi is one of the most popular WordPress themes in the world, there are many child themes available for purchase from a variety of designers, with a range of quality levels and prices to suit pretty much anyone. But do you really need to use a child theme?

If you purchase Divi and it does everything you need without having to mess around with the options, then you may be fine just working in the basic Divi parent theme. Child themes are most useful if you plan to make big or frequent changes to the Divi theme, or if you intend to build multiple websites using the same Divi theme as the starting point.

If you plan to insert your own code into the theme files, then child themes are ideal for protecting the integrity of your edits. Whenever Divi is updated, all its files are replaced with new versions. This means any edits, installs, or other changes you make to the original version are deleted and the website will likely break.

By making changes to a child theme instead, the files aren’t overwritten when the parent is updated, and your currently-live site will remain unchanged.

How do Divi child themes work with WordPress?

The Divi theme doesn’t require a child theme to work with WordPress, but if you use a child theme, then it takes priority over the parent theme when your website loads for a visitor.

WordPress reads the child theme first and then the parent theme, so any customization you make to the child theme is what displays when the page loads. Meanwhile, the parent theme stays in the background with all its files still in their original versions. Updates to a child theme are made the same way you update the parent theme, using the drag-and-drop page builder or a text editor.

There are a few ways to go about working with Divi child themes. You can purchase Divi from a marketplace or developer, install it in WordPress, and then create and customize a child theme if you want to.

You can also purchase a “blank” child theme, which is good for making minor edits to the parent theme by modifying just a few basic settings. A blank child theme will inherit the design from the theme you select.

Or, you can purchase a fully-designed child theme, just waiting for you to trick it out with your own flavor. That’s where BeSuperfly comes in!

BeSuperfly themes are Divi-licious.

We build Divi solutions that make your job simpler, faster, and more profitable.

BeSuperfly creates diverse child themes full of color and character—and we add new themes all the time. We also offer a library of custom-designed plug-ins and modules to load up your theme with some nifty tools and resources.

Our child themes feature eye-popping layouts, effortless navigation, and seamless plug-in integration. Each of our themes includes the full child theme and all the files required to run it, customize it, and turn it into your singular vision. We’ve just done all the groundwork for you.

Choose one of our core Divi child themes for your site, or upgrade to a BeSuperfly “Super Theme”—a premium Divi child theme that looks and functions better than other themes on the market. You get the same drag-and-drop customization options as a standard Divi child theme, but juiced up with our unique style and design sensibilities.

We also offer Divi courses to help get your website project going, plus full technical support to keep you rolling along. We even have a BeSuperfly membership that gives you full access to every high-quality Divi product we’ve ever built, along with deep discounts in our online store.

We don’t mind saying it…

Our Divi child themes are just better. They look better; they perform better; they achieve better results.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Look around our site, visit our child theme gallery, and check out what our members have to say about us.

If you still have questions or want to know more about all the great benefits we offer to BeSuperfly members, then hit us up.

BeSuperfly Divi child themes give you the freedom and independence to create high-quality websites using the best tools available, with all the support and resources you could ever need—and all for a great price.

Don’t be basic… be boss. 😎 BeSuperfly.

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