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what is content intense?

The Content Intense plugin is a replacement and enhancement for the native Divi blog module. It is a WordPress plugin that requires using the Divi theme framework from Elegant Themes.

what does content intense do?

Since Content Intense is an enhanced replacement for the native Divi Blog module, you can expect things like multiple layout options and extended styling options that go beyond what the Blog module provides. Visit the Content Intense demo page to get an overview of what you can do with it out of the box, plus some custom styling options. Important note: Due to limitations by Elegant Themes for third party developers, Content Intense is not currently compatible with the Visual (front-end) Builder.

how do i get started with content intense?

The first thing you should do is make sure you are familiar with the documentation for the native Divi blog module. Content Intense is based on that module, but provides much more in the way of designing and styling.

content intense features

You can think of Content Intense as an amped, superfly version of the native Divi blog module. Make sure you read and understand the basics of that module before you move on to the power of the Content Intense module.

content intense from superfly will allow you to:

  • add categories to WordPress pages!
  • list posts, pages or both in your grid.
  • include any categories from pages and/or posts.
  • set the number of characters shown in your excerpts (instead of Divi’s default of 270) if a post does not have an included excerpt.
  • specify a custom meta data separator outside of the default “/” character, such as “~” or “|” or whatever meets your design needs, including words if you want to.
  • choose from 4 different and unique layout styles. More on the way!
  • fully customize each layout in a multitude of ways.
  • show dates as a “time ago” format (“2 weeks ago”) instead of a calendar date.
  • show dates in any recognized format: “28 Aug 2017”, “March 3rd, 2016”, etc.
  • change the “Read More…” link to any text you want.
  • set “Read More…” at left, center or right.
  • change the “Older Entries” and “Newer Entries” pagination links to any text you want.
  • style your “Read More” and pagination links as buttons or text. Or, just leave them out.
  • custom style your buttons.
  • gain access to even more Custom CSS fields in the Advanced tab.
  • keep your plugin current with automatic updates.

Some styles come with the ability to show an author’s avatar. Others come with hover effects.

content intense documentation

OK.  Let’s go over the Content Intense settings that are not already covered by the documentation for the native Blog module.

content tab


Feed Type: This allows you to choose to display posts, pages, or both posts and pages.

Categories: Content Intense add the ability for your site to have categories assigned to pages as well as posts. Available categories from both are listed here.

Meta Data

Show Date as Time Ago: This option allows you to show dates on some styles as a “time ago” instead of a date. For instance, it will show “2 months ago” instead of the calendar date.

Meta Date Format: This is where you can set the date appearance, using any standard PHP date format codes. For example, you can set the format to display the date as “31 Aug 2017” or “August 31st, 2017”.

Meta Data Separator: Instead of being stuck with the default “/” character to separate meta data content, you can specify any non-HTML character(s) here that you want to use.


Excerpt/Read More

Excerpt Characters: Divi uses a default of 270 characters to show in the excerpt content when that content is not already specified in a post. You can adjust that by putting whatever number you want.

Read More Style: Set your “read more” link as a Divi button or text.

Read More Text: Change the default “Read more…” text to whatever you want. This will work whether you choose a button or text format.

Read More Position: This setting allows you to position your read more link at the left, center or right.


Navigation Style: As with “read more”, you can choose to style your navigation (pagination) links as buttons or text.

Previous/Next Text: You can replace the default “Older entries” and “Newer entries” with custom text here.


Text Area Background Color:  For most styles, this color picker allows you to set the background color of text areas in each grid item.

design tab


Layout: Instead of “Full Width” and “Grid”, there are several exciting new styles to choose from here. To get an example of what each one looks like, visit the Content Intense demo page!


Featured Image Overlay: With Content Intense, some styles use the featured image (thumbnail) as a background image. This means the overlay feature will not work on those. The demo page has overlay turned on for styles that can use it, so you’ll be able to see there which styles can use the overlay feature.


Use Custom Styles for Button: If you choose to do custom styling for your buttons, remember that these setting will apply to both the “read more” and navigation (pagination) links if you chose to use buttons for either or both.

For More Information

If you have any further questions about Content Intense that aren’t answered above, go ahead and check out the Superfly knowledge base. You might even find out something you never thought of!


  1. Eduardo

    Hello, this this work only as a blog module? or can I use this to just make blurbs or any other section like a stylized text with image section? Hope that made sense

    • Terry Hale

      Hi Eduardo,

      Yes, your question makes sense. And thanks so much for your interest! 🙂

      Content Intense is a stand-alone module. It does not affect any other Divi modules.

      So, to answer your question, no. It cannot be used to enhance blurbs, sections or any other Divi item.

  2. Gert De Vos

    Is there a way to use content intense with custom post types?

    • Nathan Duvall

      Hi Gert, not quite yet but we have this planned for a future release!

  3. groensuzanne

    Hi, I bought, downloaded and installed the content intense, however it does not show up in my modules. I am afraid I paid for something that does not work. Can you help me?

  4. info283

    My post pages do not show Featured Image option. They are set to standard, no DIVI style, as per your YT video. How can I add a featured image to my Post?

    • Terry Hale

      Not sure how this relates to Content Intense. You add a featured image at the bottom right column on your posts. 🙂

      If you need help with a Supefly product, please feel free to log in to your account and open a support ticket. Thanks!

  5. Riley Adam Voth

    This looks like what I’m needing for a project I’m working on, but I have an important need to meet here: Does this plugin style the other archive pages such as category archives, author archives, and so on? I hate having one page look great only to have all the other archive lists look bad when a user clicks to it.

    • Terry Hale

      Hey Riley,

      As it stands now (as in the description) Content Intense is a direct replacement for the native Blog module. In essence, the answer to your question is currently “no”.

      However, we are already working on being able to use Content Intense to assign any layout you want to any type of archive page. This will mean that you will see an additional option when creating categories for this. We’re 2-3 months out from this, but it will happen. 🙂

  6. info304

    Hallo, i love your Plug in, thanks for that. But i noticed a little Problem with the Image View on the Ipad. Like you can see on my Side here

    The Images on Desktop View, and also Ipad when you hold it Horizontal, looks cool and Sharp. But when you hold the Ipad vertical, the images look totally blurry , washed out and pixeld. Do you have an Idea why this could be and how to fix this Problem?

    Thank you very much and greetings from Germany

    • Terry Hale

      Hi info, greetings from Texas, U.S. Thanks for the question!

      I tried to look at your link but I got a “Not Found” error… 🙁

  7. paul triggs

    Great plugin – can it filter by tag as well as categories?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Terry Hale

      Thanks for the compliment, Paul! At this point, Content Intense does not have the ability to filter by tags.

      However, I’ve made a note to include this in a future version.

      Thanks for the interest and the great question! 🙂



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