[Staff Pick] Top Three Calendar Plugins for WordPress


Creating an awesome site on WordPress is easier than ever, thanks to their seemingly infinite options for plugins.

One of the most requested functionalities of top-performing and high-converting sites is the ability to host events on your website. We’ve compiled a list of our top three picks for calendar plugins on WordPress, whether you’re using Divi, a Divi child theme or any other theme on WordPress.

1. The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe

This events calendar plugin comes with a handful of options ranging from free to paid—depending on your needs. They offer simple calendars, the ability for users to RSVP and buy tickets and even a function to have community events right on your WordPress website.

Some say it’s their favorite plugin to work with or customize, but it gets the job done no matter what you’re looking to accomplish. It looks great, offers a really simple setup and enough additional options when you’re ready to graduate to more robust functionalities for your calendar plugin. 

The Events Calendar Plugin by Modern Tribe

2. EventON

Another option is EventON’s calendar plugin. It’s a very simple plugin which has limited design capabilities, but several add-ons to make your calendar more robust. Several of our own designers and website builders use this plugin and really dig its design and ease of use.

If you’re building a site for a client, this plugin is extremely user-friendly to make ongoing additions and edits but may offer some limitations if you’re looking for a lot of design and development flexibility.

EventOn WordPress Calendar Plugin

3. Events Manager for WordPress

Finally, the Events Manager for WordPress is great because it’s customizable and free. This plugin is a bit more developer friendly than client friendly, which gives you the ability to really blow site visitors away whether you’re building for a client or for your own website. 

The example below is a very simple example of their plugin, but rest assured that you can customize it to look how you would like.

Events Manager WordPress Plugin

Luckily all of these plugins offer a demo version so you can test and try them out before you pull the trigger. This gives you the flexibility to check them out and see what works best for you and your (or your client’s) needs

It would be impossible to include every calendar plugin for WordPress. These three are our top picks and we love them! Do you have one that you’ve been loving?

Drop your recommendation in the comments section or give us a shout on Facebook.

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