Google Chrome Inspect Element Tutorial for Divi

by | Jul 13, 2017

It’s time to up your CSS game! This FREE inspect element tutorial covers the things we use every day. We use this tool when developing sites and using child themes. This tutorial utilizes Google Chrome’s Inspect Element tool with your Divi websites. This skill is key in making your Divi sites stand out from the crowd.

Whether you know CSS well or are just beginning, this tool is hands-down the most useful in development and tweaks. Learn how to simulate hover effects, use :before and :after pseudo classes, find font families, troubleshoot issues on your site, and much more. It’s recommended you know HTML and CSS to take full advantage of this tutorial.

by John Wooten

John is a contributor at BeSuperfly and also owns Artillery Media, which he started in 2006. After touring full-time as a musician and serving in the Marines, he eventually settled down and started building Artillery not only as a custom web design firm, but also as a birthplace for creativity in the heart of the Midwest: Lincoln, Nebraska. He loves talking entrepreneurship and everything drums.

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